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The best payout online casinos are characterised by an excellent payout percentage and the lightning-fast processing of payout requests. These are elements that many online casinos promise to their players, but unfortunately, they don’t always live up to their promises. In order to know which casinos pay out the best, a lot of research is required. With the number of online casino sites available today, this is extremely time-consuming, which is why we have decided to summarise the best payout casinos for players in Canada. This article provides more information on payout percentage, wagering requirements, payout speed, and house-edge means. We also explain why the payout speed and conditions are important in addition to the payout percentage. We give examples of payout casino games with high winning chances and answer the most common questions. We start with a table of the Canadian casinos that scored best on all payout criteria.

Choose Your Best Payout Online Casino in Canada

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100 % BONUS UP TO $100 + 600 Free Spins Neteller Logo
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100% BONUS UP TO $100 + 1,000 Free Spins
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100% BONUS UP TO $500
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Neon Vegas
500% UP TO $500
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Neon Vegas Review
100% BONUS UP TO $100 Neteller Logo
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How We Test the Best Payout Online Casino List

In order to make sure that we give you a good review and that the best payout online casino also lives up to your expectations, we check several things. These include identifying several aspects that can show us which casino is trustworthy in Canada.

1 Payout speed and payment method

In order to get a positive rating from us, there are some points that we look at carefully and thoroughly. One of these points is depositing money to increase the play credit and how the winnings are paid out. The best payout online casino in Canada will offer you security, a good payout speed and a large selection of casino payment options.

2 Selection of casino games

The ways of testing and rating online casinos are constantly changing. Each time, we have newer methods that allow us to give an even better rating. When testing online casinos for real money gambling, we naturally look at the amount of game variety. The broader our tests, the more comprehensive our ratings will be.

3 Licences

We also check for things like licenses and whether they are all correct. These consist of several things, but they are essential. Without these licenses, an online casino is not allowed to operate in Canada. The most trusted licenses are: Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Commission.

4 SSL Certificate

When you choose to gamble online and want to play casino with real money, the online casinos must meet specific guidelines and safety regulations. You are playing in an online environment, and you are playing with real money. You want to play in a safe environment in Canada. That is why an SSL certificate is important for a casino, also known as the HTTPS protocol. When this is visible in the URL, you know the online casino payouts will be safe.

5 Customer Support

When you participate in one of the many casino games offered by the casino online, you want to be sure that you will be helped if you run into problems. So it is important to have customer support like live support for help with speed.

6 Other Aspects

Other factors like fairness in casino games refer to the payout ratio. This percentage represents the rate of winnings that goes to the player in the event of a win. A reasonable rate is around 97%.

Best Payout Online Casino in Canada

Since all of the providers listed above are the best payout online casino sites, minor updates to game and bonus offers may well change the ranking. The list above is not sorted and serves somewhat as a quick comparison of several providers. Each of these best payout casinos is unreservedly recommendable, but if you as a player are looking for a new casino, why not simply take the best one?

It is, therefore, always worthwhile to take a look at our page to see which is currently the best payout online casino in Canada. Nitro Casino met all the requirements of our test criteria to be the highest payout online casino. This makes it unreservedly recommendable and very suitable for both experienced casino players and beginners in the world of internet casinos. Nitro Casino operated by BP Group Ltd with a license number MGA/B2C/203/2011 and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority.

Payout Rate Basics

The payout casino rate is the “payout percentage” or “expected value”, and most online casinos publish these payouts on their casino sites. Most of the top online casinos in Canada have a payout of around 95% to 99%. For example, a casino payout of 99% means that when you bet $1,000, statistically speaking, you will get $990 back, and the casino will get $10. This is called a payout casino rate of 99% and a house edge of 1%. The house edge is the “casino’s share” of the payout used in almost all casino games without exception.

100% – House Edge= Payout rate of casino

As long as there are operating costs involved, it isn’t easy to exceed 100%. Occasionally, you will see a casino that offers more than 100%, but only for a short time and in rare cases.

Payout Odds Percentage of the Casino Games

Best Payout Online Casinos in Canada - Payment Methods

While there are many casino games to choose from, table games have a higher win rate. Sure, slots are easier and quicker to get started with, but if you want to win big, table games are the way to go! Or, “Isn’t it difficult?” or “Isn’t it like Texas Hold’em Poker, where players fight each other? It’s not uncommon for people to run away to slots or machine games. However, when you decide to use an online casino in Canada, please play various casino site games. Here are some casino games with high payout rates so that even beginners can enjoy the casino to the fullest.

1 Video Poker

Video poker with a random number generator is one of Canada’s most popular online casino site games. Not without reason, because lucrative chances of winning are possible here thanks to the best payout ratios and many variants. You should try Jacks or Better Double Up, one of the best payout online casino games with 99.56% RTP.

2 Blackjack

Blackjack is a table game where the payout percentage is relatively high. The house edge is quite low at less than 1%, making it an easy game for players to win. What’s more, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, as you’re up against the dealer and not some professional poker player. Blackjack is also one of the easiest casino game to play, making it relatively accessible to beginners.

3 Baccarat

After blackjack comes baccarat! Baccarat is also a betting game, so the win rate is about 50/50. It’s an easy game for beginners to learn, and the average payout is good, so even if it’s your first time at the casino, you’ll have fun.

4 Craps

Craps is a game with high payout percentages, and the payout rates of winning are roughly 50-50. The craps table may look a little complicated and difficult for beginners, but it’s not as hard to play as it seems, and your chances of winning are high! All you have to do is predict the roll of the dice and bet on the decision.

5 Roulette

Roulette is simple, and the payout rates are quite good. You can bet on any number you like, the dealer spins the wheel, and if you hit the number, you get the payout, or you can bet on the colour red or black and win 50% of the time. If your prediction is correct, the payout is doubled. Just bet on the colour, right? But don’t forget that there is also a green 0 (00). It’s a straightforward game, but the payout percentages are good.

Highest Payout Casino Games

The payout percentages you can expect vary from game to game. The higher the payouts to players, the lower the house edge of the casino. Table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat generally have the highest payout percentages, although some online slots also have high payout rate.

The Best Payout Roulette Types in Canada

Roulette in most casinos

The highest available RTP for roulette in most casinos is 98.65% in Canada. This requires you to play games with the extremely hard to find ‘La Partage’ rule. This rule gives you half back when you bet on red/black, even/uneven or high/low, and the ball lands on zero. Other European roulette games with a single zero are also worth playing, with an RTP of 97.30%.

Best Payout Casino GamesRTPDeveloper
French Roulette Gold98.65%Evolution Gaming
Auto-Roulette La Partage98,65%Evolution Gaming
Mega Roulette97.30%Pragmatic Play

The Best Payout Baccarat Types in Canada

Payout Baccarat Types in Canada

In baccarat, the standard rules’ RTP is so high that there is no room for features that give even more chances of winning. Therefore, our top 3 have games:

Best Payout Casino GamesRTPDeveloper
Baccarat Squeeze98.94%Evolution Gaming
Live Baccarat98.76%Pragmatic Play
Lightning Baccarat98.76%Evolution Gaming

Although baccarat has a very high RTP, second only to blackjack (the variant we’ll look at next), much depends on what kind of bets you place. A bet on the banker usually provides the highest RTP. One notable exception is the popular Baccarat Squeeze game from Evolution Gaming, where the highest RTP is 98.94% when betting on the player. It would be best if you were careful with side bets because these generally have a lower RTP, sometimes even less than 90%.

The Top Payout Blackjack Types in Canada

Blackjack Types in Canada

In Blackjack, the RTP depends on the rules the dealer has to follow. Up to what value is the dealer obliged to take additional cards? From what value is this no longer allowed? The stricter the conditions for the dealer, the higher the RTP. Also, there are certain features that players can take advantage of in certain games to increase their RTP further. Some of the best paying blackjack games are:

Best Payout Casino GamesRTPDeveloper
Atlantic City Blackjack Gold99.65%Microgaming
Blackjack Azure99.59%Pragmatic Play
One Blackjack99.58%Pragmatic Play

Highest Payout Slots Online in Canada

Slots Online in Canada

When you play slots, of course, you want to win. That’s why it’s wise to choose a high RTP unless you’re playing slots with a progressive jackpot, where you have the chance to win a lot of money. But if you want to play for as long as possible and have the highest probability of winning money. Then choose Slots games that are known for their high RTP.

Best Payout Casino GamesRTPDeveloper
Sweet Bonanza96.48%Pragmatic Play
Golden Glyph96.19%Quickspin
Book of Dead96.21%Play’n GO

Best Online Poker Payout Types in Canada

In Canada, poker is a trendy game in the best payout online casino. The classic game offers clear rules that are often modified in various ways in casinos. Unlike slot machines, you can increase your odds of winning in poker with your own skill. Poker requires high-level luck, but it is also a very strategic game. Every type of poker has different odds.

Best Payout Casino GamesRTPDeveloper
Jacks or Better Double Up99.54%NetEnt
Deuces Wild Double Up99.43%NetEnt
Aces and Faces99.26%Microgaming

Play in online casinos which are easiest to win

1 First, go to the best payout online casino from our list and choose your game.

In your first casino games, do not lose heart if the rules and mechanisms seem too complex. If you do not understand the rules, this can negatively affect you and make illogical decisions. It is best that you first discover your game for yourself.

2 Regardless of your player balance, start with smaller stakes.

Regardless of the value of your casino account balance, we recommend that you play your first casino games with smaller stakes with high payouts. Even though this will give you smaller wins, you will limit your potential losses.

3 Set goals for your winnings.

Whether you are interested in slots, video poker or live dealer games, we recommend that you always set yourself goals for your winnings. Put yourself “win levels” that you would like to achieve to manage your gaming balance in the best possible way.

4 Don’t hesitate to change games.

Have you played a specific game for quite a while, but somehow it no longer gives you the same satisfaction and feeling of happiness as your first games? Then it’s high time to take a look at our games catalogue and discover other exciting games! If you have lost interest in a game, this inevitably affects not only your best payout online casino games experience … but also indirectly your chances of winning!

5 Take advantage of your online casino’s bonuses to maximise your chances of winning.

You can take advantage of various casino bonuses and promotions. Especially after your 1st deposit. If you are not sure about the payment method, it is always good to contact casino customer service.

Casino Payouts Q&As

Which online casino has the fastest withdrawal time?

There are some very fast casinos, such as Nitro Casino or JustSpin. These two are certainly among the fastest, but there can be individual differences in payout like everywhere else.

What is a Casino Payout Percentage?

The casino payout percentage means the percentage that a game pays out. If the payout percentage is set to 95% and you play for $100, you should have $95 leftover.

How to calculate casino payouts?

The casino payout formula is as follows: total money paid out to players divided by players’ total stakes. The total bet by players is the sum of all bets per round per player in a period.

Casino Software Providers with Top Payout Rates

Each quality casino software has its strengths and weaknesses. Some software providers have beautiful graphics. Others focus on mobile playability or fun bonus games, while others payout a lot. It is with that element that we take into account in the overview below:

1 Netent

This casino game developer is one of the most established names in the industry, and we do not doubt that the high payouts contribute to this. Games such as Starburst and Mega Fortune approach an average payout of 98%.

2 Play’n GO

A mobile-friendly provider that, besides good-paying table games, also has quite a few slots with an average payoutof 97% and higher. Be aware, however, that Play’n GO’s games are quite volatile, which makes for more pronounced results in both winning and losing sessions. A noticeable one is the Book of Dead.

3 Playtech

This provider has some of the highest paying slots around (97% and higher), although this is not the case for every game, so some research is needed before you start playing.

Highest Payout Online Casino – Advantages & Disadvantages

Casinos with the highest payouts seem, at first glance, to be very advantageous for the player. For the most part, they are, but to be completely objective, and we must also mention their disadvantages. These are listed below, along with the most significant advantages:

Best payout online casino advantages
  • High payouts increase the chances of winning for experienced players and extend the fun for occasional players. Best payout online casino is also often very customer friendly.
  • Best payout online casino is also often very customer friendly.
Best payout online casino disadvantages
  • There is usually no room for a bonus at high payout online casinos after a lousy luck session, as the overall win rate is too high for that.
  • Canadian high payout casinos should be researched even more than regular casinos before you start playing because not every casino lives up to its promises.

Top Payout Casinos – Bonuses & Promotions

1 Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most common casino bonus of all in Canada. Casinos award this bonus to players to welcome them. These casino money bonuses can be seen as a final incentive to create an online casino account. Usually, the welcome bonus consists of two variants that can be offered combined or separately. These are an increase in the initial deposit or the granting of free spins on video slots. It is also possible that you only get one of these two bonuses when creating a casino account.

2 Deposit bonuses

The casino deposit bonus is, in short, a bonus from the casino that multiplies the amount deposited. This is in the form of a fixed amount or percentage of the deposit, and there is a maximum amount. The best payout online casino can decide at any time to give you a casino deposit bonus. Usually, it does so to players who are frequently active, i.e. regular casino customers.

3 No Deposit bonus

Sometimes, you can get this bonus without even depositing money into your account. It sounds too good to be accurate, but it is true. Of course, it is not the case that you can go and collect money from the casinos that offer this promotion. You need to create an account at the casino before you can make use of these bonus funds.

4 Loyalty program and exclusive bonus offer

The word loyalty is a perfect description of the purpose of this casino bonus. Casinos are pleased with regular (and returning) customers and reward them with the necessary extras. These exclusive casino bonus promotions often consist of lotteries with cash prizes, free spins or a deposit bonus. You will see that if you frequently play, sooner or later, you will receive a message in your inbox with one of the above bonuses.

5 Free spins

Free spins are casino bonuses but can also be given by the casino to players to promote a new slot machine. The great thing about this is that you can use it to make bets on your favourite games when you make a profit. To keep up to date with free spins, sign up for the newsletters of the casinos.

6 Match Bonus

A Match Bonus is a bonus where the online casino multiplies your 1st deposit by a certain percentage. Remember that there is usually a limit to the amount the casino will match. For example, if your 1st deposit is $100, and the Match Bonus is 400%, you will receive a $400 bonus. The site bonus amount usually has a limit.

Bonus conditions

Bonus terms are the conditions that a casino imposes on the redemption and withdrawal of bonus money in Canada. The most common terms are listed below, so you know exactly what it means when you see them in the terms and conditions.

  1. Wagering requirements: The most well-known of all is the wagering requirement. This means that you need x number of times bonus wagering before you can withdraw the bonus.
  2. Validity: This condition relates to the validity of a bonus. For example, online casino sites stated that you have to use it within x-number days or weeks. Do you exceed this period? Then the bonus will expire.
  3. Game type related: The same applies to the kind of casino game. Usually, we see that bonuses are valid for video slots, for example, but live casino dealer games are not or hardly eligible.
  4. Deposit methods: The last condition we want to introduce you to has to do with depositing. A casino may link a particular bonus to the way of depositing. For example, specific payment options may be included and excluded from the bonus.
  5. Bonus Funds: The casino bonus funds can only be used at certain games or conditions.

Loyalty program in best payout casinos Canada

Loyalty programmes had existed for online casinos. These programmes allow you as a player to earn money back in the form of gifts, bonuses or other benefits. The more you play and the longer you stay with the best payout online casino sites, the more and better the rewards and benefits they offer you. Some top payout online casinos, such as Nitro Casino, have risen to prominence because of the loyalty programmes they have offered. Please note that these bonuses come with weighting requirements. Here some of what Nitro Casino offers:

  • Daily bonus money or free spins
  • 3,500 daily Free Spins pool
  • $2,500,000 prize pool

Best Payout Online Casino – Our Recommendations

Best payout casinosPayout Speed CasinoPayout RatesCasino Bonus
Nitro Casino1-2 days98.91%Prize pool worth $2,5M
NeonVegas1-2 days98.51%500% bonus
JustSpin1-2 days97.91%100% up to $500
21Com1-2 days97.81%100% up to $100
Ultra Casino1-2 days97.51%3M free spins

Conclusion on Best Payout Online Casinos

Whether you’re playing with the hope of winning a nice sum of money or you’re an occasional player playing just for fun, the best payout percentages are essential anyway. In Canada, the top payout online casinos know this, and they like to advertise it in their marketing messages. Unfortunately, not all online casinos deliver on their promises in this area. Therefore, it is important to only play at online casinos that have been expertly researched, such as the best payout online casino recommended by us. Furthermore, the casino industry must offer attractive bonuses and promotions to their casino players in Canada. Our research found that the redistribution rate of the best payout online casino games is an essential factor in Canada, but what surprised us more was that payouts’ speed also plays a huge role.

Best Casino Payouts FAQ

What is the highest payout online casino game in Canada?

The online casino games with the best payout are progressive jackpot slots. If you hit the jackpot on one of these slots, you can win several million in hard cash in some jackpot games. If you prefer casino games where you win less but win more often, it’s worth trying out classic table games. This is because the house advantage in these games is meagre in Canada. Book of Dead is a good slot game with a high RTP of 96.21%.

How can I increase the payout speed?

Payout speed depends on the withdrawal method. Make sure you play at an online casino that offers leading payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Trustly, eWallets like Interac and Skrill.

What is the best payout percentage?

The so-called Return to Player (RTP) ultimately determines the house edge of the online casino payouts. There are different average payout ratios for various games. For roulette, this return-to-player value is around 97.30%. For casino slot machines, the average casino payout is between 92 % and 98 %. This is a long-term average payout value.

Why the payout speed is the most critical factor in Canada?

Payout speed gives us accurate information about the most important aspects of online casinos, such as trustworthiness, fairness, customer support, etc. Also, payment method like Debit Card has a direct impact on casino payout speed.

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